Friday, May 20, 2011

Quiz on The Management of Obesity Clinical Practice Guideline

       1.       The grades of recommendations (Evidence Level A,B,C) was modified from the ____        guideline
2.       Evidence Level A is evidence from __________
3.       Evidence Level B is evidence from __________ 
4.       Evidence Level C is evidence from __________ 
5.       The CPG was published in the Year ______
6.       Why is it important to adopt a CPG on the Management of Obesity in Malaysia?
7.       The Management of Obesity CPG provides informations on the ____________ (4) of obesity in Malaysia
8.        This CPG is planned for a review at every ___ year interval by the Committee
9.       What are the grades of recommendations (Evidence Level A, B, C) for the following:
·    a)     The BMI should be used to classify overweight and obesity and to
                                            estimate relative risk for disease compared to normal weight
                              ·    b)     The waist circumference should be used to assess abdominal fat content
·    c)     Based on current evidence in adults, overweight is defined as BMI 23         kg/m2 and obesity as BMI 27.5 kg/m2
·    d)     Current evidence suggests that waist circumference of 90 cm in men   and 80 cm in women is associated with increased risk of comorbidities                
·     e)    In overweight and obese individuals, weight loss is recommended to:
o Lower elevated blood pressure
o Lower elevated levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein
    cholesterol and triglycerides
o Raise low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol
o Lower elevated blood glucose levels

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