Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tips on Sharing Informations in this Website

Uitm have long moved away from the "Spoon Feeding Era" whereby medical students are being "Fed" with informations along the learning process. Nowadays, medical students are encouraged to use a "Adult Learning Approach" whereby students are expected to use CRITICAL THINKING and formulate a systematic way of learning with some guidance from their lecturers. This website is created exclusively for all primary care UiTM medical students in the effort to uphold this new self learning approach.

The main purpose of this website is to initiate discussion and sharing informations learnt throughout the 8 weeks of Primary Care posting. I hope that each time you see a case with a lecturer during consultations, you will write down the case in this website under the relevant headings and also provide any tips learnt from your lecturer during the consultation, e.g. tips on history, examination, management and diagnosis. You may also want to share interesting cases that you have seen whilst sitting with the MO in KKTE/ KKSB.

This website is also meant for you to share topics covered during the discussion on each of your klinik kesihatan sessions. Group 1 may cover different aspect of the topics listed in your primary care handbook. So Group 2 can learn as well when Group 1 posts the informations learnt via this website and vice versa.

I will asisst with any of your queries or misunderstandings with the help of the other lecturers in primary care.

For any questions in this website asking on how to manage the patient, I expect you to give a complete and concise answer in the following format:
1) Relevant history:
       - History of presenting illness (HOPI)
       - Systemic Review
       - PMH/ PSH
       - SH
       - DH (allergies)
       - FH
       - ICE 

2) Relevant examinations:
       - General Observation (Go)
       - Vital signs (Vi)
       - Relevant Systematic examination approach (e.g. start with the hands, radial pulse, eyes ..) 

3) Appropriate management which should include the PLIMA:
       - Patient Education
       - Lifestyle Changes
       - Investigations
       - Medications
       - Appointment/ Safety Netting

For the Drug Discussion, the answer should be in the following format:

List down the relevant drugs available first then divide each drug into the following category: (please refer to the MIMS website)
1) Generic Name
2) Route of administration (Oral, IV, IM, SC, Inhaled, Nebulised) and Dosage for each route
2) Mode of Action (Pharmacodynamics/ Pharmacokinetics)
3) Side effects
4) Contraindications
5) Pregnancy Category
6) Precautions (for example in children and breastfeeding)
7) Drug interactions 

You may also quote any useful website related to the topic being discussed. One very good example of an answer related to a HEADACHE CASE can be found in the following website:


All the best!

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