Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Discussions with Primary Care Lecturers

Please feel free to use this section to post topics covered during the DISCUSSION session with the primary care lecturers at each of your Klinik Kesihatan attachment.


  1. Just some feedback that might be helpful

    Although English is not most student's first language but unfortunately, it is the language of Medicine therefore, please try to master the language. The language of Medicine itself is unique and even those whose mother tongue is English may not understand Medical terms.

    Many Medical terms and diagnosis are derived from either Latin or Greek e.g. the suffix -itis refers to inflammation hence Gastritis refers to inflammation of the stomach lining and therefore, one cannot make a diagnosis of gastritis unless you have evidence from endoscopy. That is why the preferred term nowadays is dyspepsia which describes a symptom rather than a gross pathological finding.

    Also, gastritis and gastroenteritis may sound similar but refers to two very different diagnosis. So, be careful especially when answering questions in exams when you are under a lot of stress, the two might get mixed up and is a difference between 2 marks or 0 marks.

    You need to really know definitions of diagnosis e.g. the difference between gestational diabetes which is insulin resistance in pregnancy as compared to diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy meaning a woman who has DM and is pregnant.

    You must know the difference between acute, acute on chronic and chronic or persistent. These are all Medical terms which may mean something else in lay man's term but has specific definition in Medicine. I suggest every student must have a Medical Dictionary as it can be extremely useful.

  2. Dear Dr. Zahirah, good job in initiating the blog. For myself this is really innovative and creative, however I haven't seen our students have started using this blog. I know it's new, I hope as the days goes by they will start using it